Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Awaken Your Divine Soul

What does it mean to awaken your Divine Soul? Has a part of you been asleep? Are you now ready to emerge from the flame of your existence? The soul is always communicating with us, sometimes in very profound ways. Are you ready to listen to that inner voice, that occasional loud knocking at the door? I believe that our soul navigates our life’s journey and the more open we are to receiving the messages the more synchronicities will follow. So how do we listen to our soul speak to us? Simply by turning down the volume of all that mind chatter that goes on in our heads…yes we are human so our minds tend to wander, but when we are aware that we are running away to far off places, steering away from our core, then we can slow it all down and breathe into our sacred temple, the landscape of the soul…and then take a deep breath, a sigh of relief…we are home…

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