Thursday, April 9, 2009

Follow your inner guidance

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."~ Lewis B. Smedes

I am so filled with Gratitude that I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for all of the incredible feedback I have received by those who have read my book. It truly touches my soul to know that I am fulfilling my life purpose. I had a vision and a deep calling to take the journey to complete ‘Awakening the Divine Soul’, even though it took me 6 years. I trusted that it would all unfold when the time was right. Divine timing was crucial to its manifestation. I believe that everything we put our heart and soul into will bear fruit at the most perfect moment. Patience is a great teacher…
Around eighteen years ago, I wanted to be a backing vocalist more than anything else in the world. At the time, I really believed this was my life purpose. However, my path drastically changed and I was left feeling hopeless. My dreams had been shattered right before my very eyes. Sometimes, what we believe to be our life purpose is not what we are meant to be doing at all. I turned my back on that particular journey and embarked on a new one. I now look back and realize that I listened to my deeper calling and followed my heart’s desire. Although what I truly wanted did not manifest, it lead me in a new direction to the next chapter of my life. What I am really trying to say, is that even if the path that you believed was your life purpose has not unfolded the way that you wanted it to, honor the road that you have walked, for it has brought you where you are meant to be, and a new path will soon unfol
I am experiencing a blessed energy today and wanted to share my thoughts, love and light with you. Although I was not meant to pursue singing as a career, I still sing whenever I can, as it brings me great joy. I don’t have to be on a stage or in front of a crowd. I can still feel the passion that flows through my body; it is a part of me and will always bring me deeper and closer to my soul.
What gives you joy? What makes your heart sing? When we allow ourselves to feel the passion, expand and share it with the world, we raise our vibration, and when we raise our vibration, we shine more of our light into the world. Isn’t it time for you to shine? Go ahead, give yourself permission to shine even brighter, spread that love and joy into the world. If you’re still unsure about your life purpose, follow your inner guidance, take that first step of courage and trust that no matter where you end up, it is where you are suppose to be. Most importantly, enjoy the journey along the way.

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