Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Visions of an Ancient One (taken from the book Awakening the Divine Soul) by Rosanna Ienco

We arrived at Ayers Rock (or Uluru as the aboriginal people call it). What a bewitching place this was. We had heard that the rock changes color to reflect its mood and we were looking forward to seeing this anomaly. After dinner we went straight back to our room, as I was eager to take a shamanic journey before I fell asleep. I wanted to see if I could connect with the old lady in the cave, once more.
The beat from my drumming CD, led me to the red earth and then to the cave, where a large, green python lay blocking the entrance. I reached out my hand towards the serpent, as I knew he wanted me to hold him. As I picked up the python, he began to wriggle and writhe. I felt that the sinewy snake was challenging me and testing my endurance. Then he relaxed and I felt more at ease. He started guiding me to the old sorceress.
There she was, waiting for me, “Come child… come closer and walk with me.”
She extended her hand for me to follow her.
“Understand what the spirit is… We all have one. The mystery unfolds, you know… You will find yours through your words”.
Kauala and I continued to wander through the cave until we reached a water hole.
“Come and sit here,” she said. “Life is a gift… you just need to understand it. “Know the corners of the world, so that when the strong wind calls, you will hear it, when the moonlit sky glows, you will see it and when the refreshing raindrops fall, you will feel them cleanse you.”
She picked up a piece of black tourmaline and she held it before me. Like a magnet, the powerful stone drew out all of the impurities and negativity from my body. She then took rose quartz and amethyst crystals and put them in front of my body. I felt as though they were integrating into my being. I looked at her in disbelief as she suddenly transformed into a youthful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“It is I,” she replied. “We must all leave our good prints on the sand so that children of future generations may follow into our footsteps…we are all here to share with one another. This is balance…when power is manipulated, it will diminish like dust in the wind. You come here for wisdom…I give you creativity.”
The young woman then transformed back into the sorceress and escorted me to the entrance of the cave. It was time to leave as I could hear the call back of the drum. I knew that I could return and visit her anytime I needed to, as she would always be there for me. I felt honored and gave thanks to her. As I began to reflect on what I had just experienced, I was reminded of when I held my very first snake on a trip to Thailand. For many years, I was afraid of snakes but an opportunity presented itself in Bangkok to at last, overcome my phobia. I placed a python around my neck, an act in which I empowered myself by facing a deep seated dread. We have all known some form of trepidation and I think it is very healthy to face these fears. Sometimes our phobias can be so great that they prevent us from moving forward, or becoming more successful.
The next morning, we were excited to go back to see Uluru. We wondered if the color of the rock would look different today. It started raining and we had read somewhere that if it rains whilst you are at Ayers Rock, it means that one-day you will return. We arrived just in time to witness an eye-catching sight, as jagged streaks of white lightning, pierced the sky over the rock. It was mesmerizing. I felt so very blessed for our family to have seen this and I knew that we would visit here again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Wind of Change

Happy New Year! I am wishing you a Magical 2009

There is a wind of change on the way, can you feel it? Remember, whatever is going on in your life right now, ride with it...there is always a bigger picture. Invite Serenity into your being so that when you feel the wind touch you, dance with it into the direction it wishes to take you. Look forward to the great Mystery that is waiting...