Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Be Daring

Are you still concerned with what others may think about you? As Bob Proctor puts it,“It is not your business to know what others think of you”. Be daring, be brave, go out and live your life no matter what others may think. This is it, your life right now, not tomorrow, not next month, or next year…choose today! What will you decide? The world is yours to discover…did you know that it takes more effort to think about your fears than to think about your dreams?
Spread your wings and get ready to soar…open your heart and get ready to sing your song…it’s your choice, will you choose freedom or limitations? When it really comes down to it, your mind controls everything. It is as simple as altering your state of mind to that of positive thoughts and shifting your feelings. Now really is the time to embrace all that you are, all that you have experienced and all that is to come. It is time to enter the landscaped garden of your soul and ask, what it is that you truly desire? We all have some old shrubs and weeds that need pulling, some flowers need nurturing and others are blossoming beautifully. What aspects of yourself are blossoming, and what weeds need pulling? What attribute is crying out to either embrace, or to change? Let your soul navigate your journey, but most importantly, trust that your soul knows all and will never let you down. Will you choose the straight road in front of you? Or will you jump on that roller coaster and allow the twists and turns and the bumpy roads take you to the place you really desire? There you will find…the canyons of strength, the ocean of creativity and the mountains of fulfillment. The majestic sun is setting within yourself, expanding with illumination to share your beauty and gifts with the world.

“Be resolutely and faithfully what you are, be humbly what you aspire to be"
~ Thoreau

Stay focused on your vision

Dear Beautiful Souls, what interesting times we are in…one minute the world is in chaos, the next we are finding new resources. As we continue to let go of that which no longer serves it’s purpose, remember to stay focused on your vision. Do you still remember what that is, or has it changed? Do you have new goals for yourself? Sometimes, we find that our old vision is no longer the one that we want to blossom. However, a new goal would not have manifested without the realization of the old one. Meditating before you go to sleep will help you with your clarity of Vision while you are in the Dreamtime…let your Divine self, takeover… I would like to thank the many people that have emailed me with feedback after reading my book ‘Awakening the Divine Soul’. It is quite amazing that many of you have sent similar stories of how after reading the book you experienced more clear and vivid dreams. I continue to be filled with Gratitude that I am making a difference in your lives and being of the best service that I can possibly be. My mission is to continue to assist others on their life’s journey as I continue to teach, learn, grow, inspire and be inspired by all you incredible souls