Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Blessings by Rosanna Ienco

No matter who you spend Christmas with this year, see the blessings in whatever situation you are in. I remember back to one Christmas when my mother and I were on our own. We both felt sad that the others were not with us, but we made the best of it. I had a special blessing that year. For the first time ever, my mother taught me of an old Southern Italian Tradition of Healing. It is something that can only be taught on Christmas Eve. It turned out to be a very unique Christmas, one that I will never forget; I will forever cherish that one and only Christmas spent alone with my dear mother.

Winter Solstice by Rosanna Ienco

This is the time when the shortest day and the longest night of the year are honored. Some celebrate Winter Solstice with a cake, creating a sun image on it. Each person will light a candle on the cake and make a wish for the coming year. This is also a time to go within, a time of rebirth and letting go. Release the old that no longer serves its purpose so that you can allow something fresh and exciting to enter your life. It could not be a better time to forgive.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ancient Wisdom from the Sphinx by Rosanna Ienco

The archaic monuments were very busy and overcrowded—
there was a multitude of tourists visiting from all over the world.
I could feel the potent energy of the site—there was an intensity almost beyond description. I believe anyone would have felt it, just being in the presence of such an electrifying place. Especially drawn towards the Sphinx, I was very fortunate to escape the tourists and spent a good time there in solitude. Legend claims that when the Sphinx was buried in sand, visitors would seek wisdom from its lips...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Egypt and Past Lives by Rosanna Ienco

During a meditation I had taken before we left England, my spirit guides told me that this trip to Egypt would open up my brow chakra (my third eye) and that it would help me to see things more clearly. I was also there to heal a past life issue that would present itself.
The searing and relentless heat would normally have been unbearable, but I was almost oblivious to it—I was feeling so euphoric to actually be in Egypt, visiting the great pyramids. I decided to take a camel ride to make our journey to the great pyramids even more exciting.
On our way through the town, beads of perspiration trickled down the inside of my top and as my body heat began to rise, I could feel my cheeks turning ruby red. I kept smiling to myself, as I was so grateful for the chance to connect with this historical site. It was strange because on some unknown level, I felt as if I had been here before. It seemed so delightfully familiar to me. I gave thanks to God for bringing me here and for the wonderful opportunity that had unexpectedly presented itself. (An exerpt from Awakening the Divine Soul)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Souls don't lie by Rosanna Ienco

Have you ever met someone and known immediately that you were connected--some kind of inner awareness that you cannot describe? Have you ever had a meeting with another soul, which was so profound it transformed your life forever? I just knew there was a bigger picture--one that was beyond my comprehension. Souls don't lie--I trusted my heart.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old Inuit Song

"I think over again my small adventures.
My fears, Those small ones that seemed so big,
For all the vital things I had to get and reach.
And yet there is only one great thing,
The only thing,
To live to see the great day that dawns
And the light that fills the world."

~ An Old Inuit Song ~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Shamanic journey begins by Rosanna Ienco

"Inside each and every one of us is true brilliance. It is deep down in your very core. Capture the essence of your being and bring it into creation. Explore and Expand, to touch the world with your magnificence."

I could hear the pounding of the drum. As my heart began to race
the beat grew louder. I found myself traveling rapidly through a
long dark tunnel. Filled with curiosity and anticipation, I drifted
forward, weightless to what seemed to be the lower world. I knew
of this place from the descriptions I had heard and read about. I
moved quickly through the passage, the opening of a powerful
tree growing in the woodland. I named this tree my Grandmother
Tree and I called her this because she is old and strong.
I started to giggle, I felt like an innocent girl playing freely in
the green hills, amongst beautiful flowers with the soft wind
blowing through my hair. The experience was beginning to
remind me of when I was given laughing gas during childhood
visits to the dentist.
The giddiness ebbed. The strange darkness of the passage had
brought me to my destination, or so I thought. I heard the familiar
sound of running water, which was very soothing and calming
for me—I started to feel much more relaxed. I could hear the
sweet melodies of birds singing and my fear began to evaporate.
I had embarked on a journey and awakened part of my soul.
I came across a small pond and felt compelled to jump into the
still clear water. I found myself swimming underneath, leaving
the air and sunlight behind me.
I felt as though I was going between worlds, the lower and
middle. I felt obliged again. This time I came up to the surface but
I was jolted backwards, discovering it was solid ice. I could not
break through. I swam until, suddenly, I was met by a polar bear
that had pierced the frozen barrier with the strength of his paw. I
gently broke through the splintered ice and as my head popped
up, I saw a new landscape.
This was a snowy white plateau surrounded by mountains, it
was very cold but, curiously, this did not bother me. I looked up
and I could see a brightly lit sky with hundreds of stars shining
down on the spectacular scenery. I pulled myself out of the water
and was immediately met by an Inuit man.
He had chocolate-brown eyes, short black hair, chiseled cheekbones
and a wispy moustache. I guessed he was around forty
years old and carried a great strength with him. He stood tall and
I knew instinctively that not even the greatest wind force could
knock him down. We looked into each other’s eyes and he smiled
warmly at me. There was something very familiar about this man,
as if I had known him all my life. For the first time, I had met a
spirit guide.
In the distance I could hear Arctic wolves howling. These
mysterious sounds made me feel comfortable and welcomed by
this beautifully barren landscape. In a strange way it felt like
home. (A book excerpt from Awakening the Divine Soul)

Who is your Spirit Guide?