Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Egypt and Past Lives by Rosanna Ienco

During a meditation I had taken before we left England, my spirit guides told me that this trip to Egypt would open up my brow chakra (my third eye) and that it would help me to see things more clearly. I was also there to heal a past life issue that would present itself.
The searing and relentless heat would normally have been unbearable, but I was almost oblivious to it—I was feeling so euphoric to actually be in Egypt, visiting the great pyramids. I decided to take a camel ride to make our journey to the great pyramids even more exciting.
On our way through the town, beads of perspiration trickled down the inside of my top and as my body heat began to rise, I could feel my cheeks turning ruby red. I kept smiling to myself, as I was so grateful for the chance to connect with this historical site. It was strange because on some unknown level, I felt as if I had been here before. It seemed so delightfully familiar to me. I gave thanks to God for bringing me here and for the wonderful opportunity that had unexpectedly presented itself. (An exerpt from Awakening the Divine Soul)

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