Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Power of Intention

I’d like to share with you a story of how potent the Power of Intention can be. (You may know it as The Law of Attraction.) Last August, while I was getting ready to fly to California, my mind began to wander…I had a sudden, burning desire to sit in First Class. I kept seeing myself in the big, comfortable chair on the flight, and enjoying a nice meal with real cutlery and a proper glass to drink out of. After arriving at the airport, I boarded the flight and sat at a window seat in economy, next to an older man in his late seventies. Once again, I found myself imagining that I was in a large, cozy chair in First Class. About twenty minutes into the flight, I really needed to use the washroom. The man next to me and his wife were both fast asleep. I didn’t want to wake them, however my bladder was urging me to make it to the bathroom. I gently nudged the man to wake him up and let me through. He was very angry, and told me to sit somewhere else if I was going to disrupt his sleep again. I was shocked by his rude behavior and dreaded the thought of having to sit next to him for the remainder of the flight. I decided to ask the flight attendant if there were any other seats available. He informed me that the aircraft was full, but after explaining to him how badly the man had treated me, the flight attendant (disguised as my Angel for the day) bluntly said to me, “You don’t have to take that crap.” He told me to grab my things, and promptly moved me to First Class. At this point I had the biggest smile on my face, not only to be getting away from the rude man’s energy, but also because I knew, right there and then, exactly how The Power of Intention really works! What is your intention right now?

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Crystal said...

Last Monday, I updated my list of June goals to include joining a spiritual support group or club. A few days later while on, a Listmania title jumped out at me -
"Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Soul-Finding Your Life Purpose Part 2". This was especially intriguing, since the exploration of my true purpose in life was also on my June goal list. So I felt like the universe was speaking to me. The book list contained a host of spiritually enriching and life changing books. So I was quite curious to find out more about the author of this list. So upon entering the website of, I was thrilled to discovery a very interesting posting on the homepage. A new group was being created and was looking for members who wanted to explore Manifesting Miracles, Health, Wealth and Abundance into their lives. I had just started listening to the CD, Meditations for Manifestations by Wayne Dyer a week ago. And in that moment, I recognized the power of intention, attraction and manifestation in action. I now knew for sure that it really works. I also knew that my short quest to find a spiritual support group was now over.